Reception & Shop

Welcome and waiting room, where you can request an appointment whenever you want and / or you can perform several other actions. We also have various items for your pet, food, etc

tienda Clínica Veterinaria Durcan


Examination Rooms

Here the consultations of internal medicine, preventive medicine, exotic animals, ethology, etc., take place.


Surgery Room

Properly equipped room where different types of surgeries and more specialized consultations are made.

Clínica Veterinaria Durcan


Radiodiagnostic Room

This room has a last generation radiology diagnostic machine with which we can diagnose different pathologies.



We have a well-equipped room for hairdressing services when customers ask us to leave more good looking their pets.


Laboratory / Pharmacy

Here different laboratory tests that aid in the diagnoses are made. We also found here the pharmacy warehouse where we store all pharmaceutical products we need.

Clínica Veterinaria Durcan


Hospitalization / Post-surgery

This recovery room has different cages, very spacious, where we monitoring of hospitalized animals and animals that have suffer any surgery.


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