Pet Reception

We have a well equipped waiting room in which you and your pet could wait comfortably until the time of your appointment. In this room you can find all kinds of food and accessories for your pet and also perform catalog orders.

Ask us for advice on the best food for your pet and we will counsel you without any obligation.


Preventive Medicine

Are aspects of the veterinary medicine that allow us to anticipate and prevent possible disease states. Some of these include: vaccines, internal deworming, external deworming

Ask us and we will advise the best for your pet.


Clínica Veterinaria Durcan



We perform a variety of surgeries, including:

Reproductive surgeries such as ovarian hysterectomy, orchiectomy, cesarean section…

Excisions of tumors & hernias, Zepp techniques, excisions of foreign bodies in gastrointestinal tract, stomach torsion, exploratory laparotomy, urethral obstructions, scrotal or preescrotal urethrostomy, among others.

We also have dental service for cleanings and excisions of teeth.



In our clinics we have the necessary technical & last generation installations for radiological diagnostics when your pet needs it.


Analysis Laboratory

We offer clinical analysis, in collaboration with an external laboratory, through which we can perform a variety of tests and receive the results in a short time.

We also have a microscope that helps us diagnose different types of diseases through scrapings, trichogramma, cytology and sperm motility.

Another service to stand out within our laboratory is the analysis of samples of trichinosis, providing results in less than 24 hours.



Food Advice

Have a thorough knowledge of feeding your pet is a very important point in their quality of life that greatly contributes to their health and welfare. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask any questions you have about it, we will be happy to help you.


Home Service

In cases where it is impossible the displacement of your pets, we will assist they in their home in the shortest time possible.

Postoperative Service and Hospitalization

We have a fully prepared installations so that your pet can recover easily after surgery or other problems under the supervision and attentive care of professionals.


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